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Online Zikr - Paltalk Room "oursheikh"

Online Zikr Timings:

Daily: 8:45 pm and 4:45 am (Pakistan Standard Time)

PalTalk Installation Instructions:

To access the lectures kindly follow instructions given below:

1) Download the latest version of PALTALK Messenger from their website http://www.paltalk.com. Select "Dial up" OR "DSL / CABLE / HIGH SPEED INTERNET" based on the type of internet connection you have.

2) Save the installation file to your local hard disk.

3) Once the download is complete it will give you option "Run Cancel" Click "run".

4) It will now give you 2 options, New Users or Existing Users. Either signup for a new account by clicking on the link "Get a Paltalk Nickname" or if you already have an account, login using your ‘Nickname’ and ‘Password’.

5) After you login with your registered ID, notice the PalTalk Messenger window that opens up with the following tabs showing: HOME / ROOMS / PALS / MY ROOM.

* Close any other "advertising" windows that pop up .

6) Click on the tab "ROOMS" and select "RELIGION & THEOLOGY" then select "ISLAM".

7) Find "oursheikh" room from the list and double click on it. This opens a new window with the other listeners also shown in the list and you will be able to do Zikr.

8) After closing the program, you may re-run it by double-clicking the blue icon on the desktop or from Start--->All Programs--->Paltalk Messenger.

** Kindly note that the group "oursheikh" will not be listed all the time. It will only be shown when the zikr session is in progress on the following days**

If you still have problems, you can email us at email